If you are worried about your child sucking his/her thumb or you want to help your child break this habit, then this site is for you!

Runa Mowla-Copley, the site’s founder, is a dental expert in thumb sucking. A highly experienced clinician, Runa set up a thumb sucking clinic in 2010 after spending years treating children whose jaws and teeth had been adversely affected by thumb sucking. A reformed thumb sucker herself, Runa became interested in the subject after dealing with her own child’s very persistent long term thumb sucking.

Prevention is better than cure. With this in mind, this site offers advice to parents and children wishing to break the habit.

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The Book


Runa Recommends


Runa’s top tips to help your child

Find out some tried and tested methods to help your child stop sucking their thumb.

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Discover Runa’s product of the month

Runa provides a round up of her favourite products to help break the thumb sucking habit.

The Book


The boy who stopped sucking his thumb

Purchase your copy of Runa’s beautifully illustrated book, Charlie’s Thumb.



Join the discussion on our dedicated forum

Share your tips and learn from other parents’ experiences on the discussion forum.

The inspiration behind Charlie’s Thumb


From Dentist to Author

Dr. Runa Mowla-Copley is a very experienced clinician who graduated from Sheffield University School of Dentistry.


Aimed at young thumb suckers, Charlie’s Thumb is an illustrated story. It is a cautionary tale about a young boy Charlie who finally manages to break his habit. It’s a great book for despairing parents who have a stubborn thumb sucker in the family.